How To Install Kitchen Cabinets

How To Install Kitchen Cabinets
Instructional Video Series

Part 1 - Installing Wall Cabinets

00:00 Unpacking... Covering Floors
00:15 Laser Level -Introduction
01:00 Ledger Boards - Proper Height
01:45 Story Stick (How to make)
02:10 Story Stick (Finding the high spots)
03:20 Marking Line on wall for Ledger Boards
03:30 High Spot - Dictates height of other cabinets
04:44 High Spot - Moving Story stick front to back along walls
05:30 High Spot - On adjacent walls
05:45 Wiring for under-cabinet lighting
06:27 Finding and Marking Stud locations on wall
08:37 Laying out - All cabinets & fillers on walls
09:51 Ledger Boards - hanging
10:48 Venting for Microwave - Moving location


Part 2 - Installing Wall Cabinets

00:00 Sorting Your Cabinets Properly
00:35 Build Cabinet Runs - Screwing Together
03:50 Screwing Backs of Cabinets Together
05:40 Fillers - How To Cut (staining edges)
07:40 Fillers - Installing (fixing a warped filler)
10:15 Screwing a Corner Cabinet In Place
12:30 Wiring - Boring Holes to allow wires to come through


Part 3 - Installing Wall Cabinets

00:00 Hanging Cabinets - Runs... Not Individuals
02:05 Walls - Warped and Not Plumb
05:40 Fridge Cabinet - Measuring for and Installing
10:00 Fillers - Installing Against a Wall


Part 4 - Installing Base Cabinets

00:00 How To Layout Cabinet Runs
00:20 Cabinet Leveling System - Why and How
01:05 Base Cabinet Runs - Proper Strategy
03:08 Clamping & Screwing Base Cabinets
04:03 Installing The Leveling System
05:20 Setting "most" Cabinets Into Place (not all)
05:39 Setting Laser - Highest Point of the Highest Cabinet
06:05 Drilling For Plumbing Lines - The right way


Part 5 - Leveling Base Cabinets

Please watch this short video, too Proper Use of Base Levelers

00:16 Setting Base Cabinets 1" away from the walls - Why
00:28 Wall Hang - What Is It... and How To Avoid It
01:00 Leveling The Base Cabinets - To The Laser
03:00 Now scoot Cabinets To The Wall
03:50 Sink Base - Setting Into Place - When and How
05:00 Shimming And Screwing Cabinets To The Wall
06:00 Raising All Base Cabinets Off the Ground 1/8" For Water Leaks


Part 6 - Leveling Base Cabinets (If Using Shims)

00:06 Must Install Individually
00:20 Story Stick
00:27 Drawing Base Lines on Wall
00:35 Setting Into Place Starting At Corner
01:00 Uneven Floors and Walls
01:10 Re-leveling
01:36 Expansion and Contraction Issues
02:20 Sink Base Installed With Others
03:00 Cabinet Specific Tools


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