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White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

The focal point of any kitchen is the cabinetry, and whether you're a homeowner looking to revamp the look and feel of your current kitchen or a contractor trying to work out the final details of a brand-new kitchen, Kitchen Cabinet Depot can be your one stop shop for what you're looking for. And, if sophistication is what you're after, we recommend our white shaker kitchen cabinets that are sure to add warm functionality to any kitchen.

We understand the range of available kitchen cabinet options can be overwhelming. Luckily, at Kitchen Cabinet Depot, we have a variety of cabinetry selections available to you, but not so many that the choice seems impossible to make.

What Are Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker Cabinets are one of our most popular kitchen cabinet styles. The clean lines and minimal design of the cabinet doors blend seamlessly into any kitchen design. While basic in detail, the effect shaker cabinets can have on the look and feel of your kitchen can be show-stopping.

Because of their simplicity, shaker cabinets can be dressed up or down depending on your personal design preferences. Whether you're chasing a modern minimalist look or a more rustic-chic style, shaker cabinets will fit with the rest of the design perfectly.

Shaker cabinets are also known for their sturdy structure. Our shaker kitchen cabinets are made from solid birch which gives them the durability to last against daily use and long-term wear-and-tear. Cleaning and maintenance of shaker cabinets is also virtually hassle free because of their simple design. Without the crevasses that normally accompany small, intricate detail, the process is very straightforward.

Are Shaker Cabinets in Style?

Absolutely. In fact, the real question is when are they ever not in style? The simple design of shaker cabinets is timeless and blends perfectly with any kitchen design.

Their timelessness makes them not only a great addition to any kitchen, but also adds to the resale value of a home. Home buyers are looking for properties that are move-in ready and require little remodeling, and if your kitchen is already equipped with versatile cabinets, it is much more likely to catch the eye of interested buyers.

Our white shaker cabinets are also timeless for more than just their design. White is a neutral, natural color that can act as either a base for a more colorful scheme or brighten up a dramatic look. Whichever shade of white you choose—classic white, brilliant white, modern white, and more—our shaker cabinets will act as an accent to the rest of your kitchen design.

Are White Cabinets High Maintenance?

Although classic, white cabinets do show wear-and-tear more easily than darker stained cabinets. However, as we mentioned, white shaker style kitchen cabinets are simple in design and constructed from solid materials so clean up is easy. Any spills should be cleaned right away to avoid permanent stain, but that can be easily done with warm water, soap, and a soft rag or sock.

We also suggest cleaning the face and inside of your cabinets semi-regularly in order to keep them looking as clean as possible.

How Much Are Shaker Cabinets?

The price of kitchen cabinetry depends on how many cabinets you need, their size, and the style. Every kitchen is different so it's hard to know exactly how much you might have to spend in total. However, at Kitchen Cabinet Depot we offer competitive prices on all our cabinets, including our Budget White Shaker cabinets which allow you to completely revamp the look of your kitchen and stay within your budget.

We also understand sticker shock and realize that top quality cabinets are an investment for any homeowner. We know that achieving your dream kitchen takes time and planning, and most people don't want to be rushed into making a decision. That is why, when you purchase any cabinets from Kitchen Cabinet Depot during any active sale, we will honor that sale price when you ultimately decide on the style and finish you want.

Why Should I Buy White Shaker Cabinets from Kitchen Cabinet Depot?

Kitchen Cabinet Depot makes buying cabinets easy. Regardless of whether you're an experienced craftsman or a crafty DIYer, we make the entire process simple.

We Offer Finish Samples at No Cost

Unsure of exactly which finish you want to commit to? Would you like to see the finish in your own kitchen in the proper light rather than just in a photo online? Not a problem. Just send us a list of the 3-4 finish samples you want, along with your name and address, and we will ship them to you free of charge. You can email us at [email protected] and your samples will be delivered usually within 3-5 days.

We also offer sample doors for purchase on each product page. If you're not sure which door style will work best in your new kitchen design, simply order a sample door. Once you decide on a style, you can be confident you've made the right choice because you will have already seen it in your kitchen!

Our Cabinets Come Ready to Assemble

If you're hesitant about purchasing cabinets online and installing them yourself, don't be. Our white shaker cabinets, along with all of the other cabinet styles we offer, come ready to assemble. Installation is a breeze, and you are supplied with clear instructions and all of the hardware you need.

We also offer soft close hinges as a hardware option. Soft closing hinges are a great addition to your new cabinets for two reasons. The hydraulic system built into the hinge slows the cabinet door down and closes it silently. Gone are the days of banging around the kitchen early in the morning waking up the entire house. Soft close hinges also protect your cabinets. Because the cabinet door closes softly, you won't have to worry about slamming and dented cabinets.

RTA cabinets can give any homeowner the confidence to take on a remodel project themselves, and they don't have to waste time or money hiring outside help to install them.

We Allow for Returns Within 30 Days of Purchase

If you receive your cabinets and they aren't the ideal match you were looking for, you can return them within 30 days of your purchase. Keep in mind, you must request a return from our customer service team before shipping your products back. We also request that you return your products in re-sellable shape. We do not allow the return of already assembled cabinets. You can check out all of the details on our return policy on our FAQ page.

Make an Investment in Your Home

Any remodel project comes with a price tag, and if you're looking to completely redo your kitchen with brand new cabinets, that price can be shocking at first. But, new cabinetry is worth the investment. Our white shaker cabinets will enhance your space, and their clean lines, good quality wood, and easy assembly process make them a top option. White shaker style kitchen cabinets are versatile, easy to maintain, and timeless, and are the perfect choice for modern kitchens.

Design your dream kitchen with Kitchen Cabinet Depot. Our affordable prices, ready to assemble quality cabinets, and helpful customer service can make your designs become reality to give you a kitchen you've always wanted that adds value to your home.

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