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Gray Shaker Cabinets

Gray shaker cabinets look outstanding in all modern kitchens. The simple elegance of these ready-to-assemble gray kitchen cabinets provides an understated yet noticeable backdrop in any home. Due to their versatility, neutrality, and simple construction, gray shaker cabinets are at home with a vast array of kitchen design concepts.

If you're in the market for gray shaker kitchen cabinets, you're in the right place. Kitchen Cabinet Depot has one of the largest collections of gray shaker cabinets at affordable prices. Before you design your dream kitchen with our gray shaker RTA cabinets, read up on them here first.

What Is A Shaker-Style Cabinet?

Gray shaker kitchen cabinets feature a flat center panel and squared-off edges, with little to no detailing or profiling. This simple design and construction has been around for centuries and is one of the most popular kitchen cabinets today. Due to their minimalist design, you'll often find these cabinets in modern kitchens paired with other minimalist items. The shaker cabinet originally had pine, maple, or cherry wood construction. Now, more sustainable materials of birch and maple are used. You'll find our Shaker RTA cabinets in everything from vanity cabinets to wall cabinets, often with the soft-close doors and for a reasonable price. These shaker ready-to-assemble cabinets come with solid door construction, meaning they'll stand up to all wear and tear.

What Are The Benefits Of Gray Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

There are so many advantages to choosing our gray shaker RTA cabinets, from their versatility to their superior door construction to the affordable price. Here are some of our favorite benefits to installing gray shaker cabinets into any kitchen.

They Are Timeless

One of the big benefits of gray shaker cabinets is that they will stand the test of time. You can rest assured that your cabinets will remain in fashion five, ten, or even twenty years from now. Their unique style has been around for centuries and is still in high demand today.

Easy To Clean and Maintain

Thanks to their simple design and gray finish, gray shaker cabinets are extremely easy to clean and maintain. The hinges with soft close make for minimal wear and tear, and the clean lines make removing dirt and debris from corners a breeze.


Our gray shaker cabinets are always well stocked. Whether you're looking for wall cabinets or drawers, you can always find these ready-to-assemble cabinets with us.

The Price Is Right

Due to it's classic styling and simple design the price of these cabinet styles is very budget-friendly. You can easily find these cabinet doors at affordable prices, which is great for people who want to upgrade to trendy cabinets that won't break the bank.

They Are Very Versatile

Gray is a versatile color. It comes in a wide variety of tones, from light gray to graphite, and due to this range, you can dress your kitchen up in several different ways. There are bluish grays, charcoal grays, yellowish grays, brownish grays, and more.

Where Can I Find Gray Shaker Cabinets?

There are many places online and elsewhere to buy gray shaker kitchen cabinets. But the quality and cabinet construction do vary greatly. Kitchen Cabinet Depot has the widest variety of not just shaker cabinets, but gray cabinets of several other varieties too. When you buy from Kitchen Cabinet Depot, you won't just upgrade your kitchen, you'll upgrade the entire experience of buying kitchen cabinets.

How Much Do Gray Shaker Cabinets Cost?

Our gray shaker cabinets come with a surprisingly affordable price tag. This makes them fit nearly any budget, whether you're a contractor or a DIYer. You won't find a better price for cabinets of this quality. The solid wood construction, sturdy cabinet doors, and robust gray tone of our cabinets make them an outstanding value. Financing your gray kitchen cabinets with Kitchen Cabinet Depot has never been so affordable.

Are Gray Shaker Cabinets Still In Style?

Yes! And for more than just one reason. Gray shaker cabinets have some sort of power to draw in the attention of the view and highlight other aspects of your kitchen, be it a countertop, backsplash, or appliances. Some think of gray as boring, but nothing could be further from the truth in terms of gray kitchen cabinets. Also, gray invokes an air of luxury and sophistication. Gray has the power to inspire an elegant atmosphere that will surely impress your guests. The Shaker kitchen cabinet's versatility has the power to match nearly any theme or design concept. Here your decorative sensibilities can play - want a sleek modern look, add an island with exposed metal stands and dark wood, want a country-inspired kitchen, put in a wooden table. The possibilities are virtually endless.

What Other Kitchen Decor Items Pair Well With Gray Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

You can do as much or as little with your kitchen as your imagination allows. Our gray shaker cabinets pair very well with an assortment of handles, pulls, and hardware. Brass and wood handles are among the most popular. In terms of countertops, you can match them with high-quality wood or granite counters to match the tone and feel of your kitchen. All kinds of appliances work, but you can never go wrong with stainless steel if modern and understated is what you're after.

Kitchen Cabinet Depot Is The Best Place To Purchase Gray Shaker Cabinets Online

Our gray shaker collection of ready-to-assemble cabinets are constructed to last as long as this style is in fashion, which will be for years to come. At Kitchen Cabinet Depot, we pride ourselves on our low wholesale prices of pantry cabinets, vanity cabinets, lazy susan cabinets, and more. If you're looking to upgrade your kitchen cabinets and want the best price, contact Kitchen Cabinet Depot for a gray shaker door sample today!

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