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Raised Panel Bathroom Vanities

Raised Panel Bathroom Vanities | Redesign Your Bathroom

Is it time for a bathroom upgrade? Maybe your bathroom just needs some updated features or maybe it needs an entire remodel. Either way, a good way to spice up an outdated bathroom is fresh, modern cabinetry. Not to mention, a newly remodeled bathroom keeps your home on-trend and adds incredible resale value.

Kitchen Cabinet Depot is proud to offer a variety of high quality, solid wood bathroom vanity cabinets that will fit the new look of your bathroom perfectly. Our ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets arrive at your home with all of the necessary cabinet hardware and easy-to follow instructions so installation is easy for everyone, from the talented craftsman to the thrifty DIYer.

We offer our RTA cabinets in a range of styles, so whether you're looking for clean sophistication, or classic charm, our bathroom vanity cabinets styles are sure to match the needs of your design. And, if elegance is what you're after, we suggest our raised panel bathroom vanity cabinets that add a decorative, traditional feel to your bathroom.

What Are Raised Panel Bathroom Vanities?

Raised panel vanity cabinets are typically found in more formal room designs because of the detail on the cabinet door. The center part of the cabinet is raised above the border, giving a distinctive framing effect and adding depth and decorative texture to the space.

Although formal, our raised panel cabinets can add that touch of modern with the right finish. If bold and dramatic is what you're looking for, our darker finishes are a great option. From silken Cocoa Glaze to deep Walnut Merlot, our dark finishes will make your vanity cabinets the focal point of the room and add contrast to lighter cabinet features and accessories.

If your bathroom needs a little freshening-up, our lighter finishes pair perfectly with a clean, minimalist design. Our Stellar White and light grey finishes are particularly popular as raised panel cabinets because bathrooms tend to have little to no natural light. With a lighter colored finish, you can make your bathroom feel bigger and brighter with clean, crisp cabinet lines.

White Raised Panel Cabinets Are Also Timeless

White cabinets are also popular because they are timeless. No matter the current decor fad, white cabinets always blend seamlessly into any design. And, when you're investing in something, like cabinetry, that you want to last, white is sure to transcend the short-lived trends. When paired with our raised panel cabinets, our white finishes offer a natural interior look and add a traditional, luxurious feel to any bathroom.

We understand that it can be hard to make a decision based on a photo, and some people want to see what each finish will look like in their home's unique feel and lighting. So, we offer samples of our vanity cabinet finishes free of charge.

Just choose 3-4 that you're most interested in seeing and we'll happily ship them to your home. This way, when you make your final cabientry decision, you can be confident it's the right one because you've already seen it in action!

Are Raised Panel Bathroom Vanities Still in Style?

Elegance is always in style. It might seem as though simple, less-detailed cabinet designs are more popular today, however, raised panel cabinets are just as on-trend because they are just as versatile. Just like our other cabinet styles, raised panel cabinets can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the overall style of the bathroom.

You can choose a light neutral finish and have your vanity cabinets act as a background to a more colorful scheme. Or, you can opt for a darker finish that adds contrast and drama to lighter colored accessories.

If you still aren't convinced, and you're still unsure which style will fit in your new bathroom, we offer sample doors for purchase on each product page. We also know that new cabinets can come with a high price tag, which is why when you purchase cabinet samples during any active KCD sale, we will honor that discounted prices when you order the perfect vanity cabinets for your home.

Our RTA Cabinets Will Enhance Your Remodel Project

You don't have to be a professional to install our bathroom vanity cabinets. Our RTA bathroom vanities are specially designed for quick and easy assembly so you can spend less time stressing over installation and more time admiring your completed project.

However, if you receive your RTA cabinets and they aren't exactly what you were looking for, we do offer a 30-day return option. You can read more about our return policy on our FAQ page, but, keep in mind, we do not accept assembled cabinets for return.

You can also add our specially designed soft-close hinges to your cabinet purchase for added convenience and as a preventative measure against damages. Soft-close doors and soft close drawers use a unique hydraulic system that controls them as they shut.

So, no matter how hard or aggressively the cabinet or drawer is shut, the hinges take over and close it softly and carefully. This unique cabinet hardware protects your cabinets from chipps in the finish or damage to the cabinet edges.

Invest in the Value of Your Home

Many homeowners tend to think that the majority of their remodel budget and efforts should go to central rooms in the house like the kitchen. However, a newly remodeled main or master bathroom goes a long way when considering resale value on your home. KCD offers styles that can add a unique look to your bathroom, or match the style of the cabinets in the rest of your home for a more uniformed consistency.

Modern bathroom cabinets will keep your home in style so it can attract the eyes of interested buyers when or if it comes time to sell. An investment in your bathroom cabinets now could mean added value later, not to mention the enjoyment you'll get from a fresh, organized new bathroom.

Our high quality RTA cabinets can help make the bathroom of your dreams become reality, and we are happy for a chance to be a part of any remodel or redesign project.

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