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Shaker Bathroom Vanities

Shaker Bathroom Vanities

As a homeowner, it can be hard to justify putting time and money into areas of your home that aren't focal points. For example, most people would rather spend their efforts renovating their kitchen rather than their bathroom. However, a newly remodeled main or master bathroom is not only a plus for you and your family, it also adds resale value to your home.

If you're in the middle of a bathroom remodel, or you're a seasoned contractor looking for the finishing design touches on a project, you're probably in the market for new bathroom vanity cabinets. At Kitchen Cabinet Depot, we specialize in ready to assemble, durable, solid wood bathroom vanities that will match your style and fulfill all of your bathroom organizational needs.

We offer a variety of vanity styles and finishes that look great in any bathroom design. Whether you're looking for a dramatic cabinet look, or a minimal pattern that acts as a background to more colorful features, you are sure to find the perfect fit in our wide range of bathroom vanities. And, if low-maintenance sophistication is what you're after, our shaker style bathroom vanities are an excellent option.

What Is A Shaker Vanity?

Shaker style bathroom vanities are popular because of their basic design. Shaker vanities lend themselves perfectly to a casual, functional bathroom concept. While there is minimal detail on the faces of the cabinets and drawers, there is enough to give depth to the space while acting as a background to the rest of your bathroom look.

Shaker style vanities can be a perfect addition to your dream bathroom design for more than just their simplicity. Here are other reasons why they are one of our most popular cabinet styles.

They Are Timeless

It can be difficult to choose cabinets that are right for your taste, but will also stand the test of time. A good rule of thumb when renovating is the bolder the color and design, the quicker it will go out of style. However, that is the beauty of shaker vanities. The minimal design of a shaker style vanity will always be on trend. Bathroom features can be changed accordingly, but when committing to something as expensive and as permanent as cabinetry, you can't go wrong with the simple shaker look.

They Are Durable

Because of their lack of intricate detail, shaker bathroom vanity cabinets can stand everyday wear and tear without showing it. KCD bathroom cabinets can also be especially equipped with soft-close hinges. This unique hardware uses a hydraulic system to close cabinets and drawers carefully and softly, no matter how aggressively they are shut. No need to worry about chipped finish or damaged edges when your cabinetry closes for you!

Maintenance Is Hassle Free

A simple design means a simple cleaning process. Without the nooks and crannies of other, more detailed cabinets, shaker bathroom vanity cabinets are a breeze to clean. We recommend wiping away any splatters immediately to avoid stains or damages to the finish. We also recommend cleaning the face and inside of your cabinets semi-regularly to keep them looking as new as possible for as long as possible. Warm water, soap, and a soft rag are all you need.

What Are the Best Bathroom Vanities?

The best bathroom vanities are the ones that look the way you want while also fitting your functional and organizational needs. KCD offers shaker vanities with drawers, cabinets, or a combination of both.

Our shaker style vanities also come in a variety of finishes in order to accommodate any bathroom decor. Our white shaker bathroom vanities can help a small bathroom seem larger as they add a light, airy feel. White shaker vanities also add to the timelessness of your design as they can be easily dressed up or down according to trends. You could also choose from our darker finishes like Chestnut or Onyx for a dramatic look that brings the cabinets to the forefront of your bathroom's design.

If you aren't sure which finish would look best in your bathroom, and you can't make a decision based on an online photo, you can order 3-4 samples and we will be happy to ship them to you free of charge. You can also test the style of cabinet in your home by purchasing sample doors on each of our product pages.

Is It Difficult to Replace a Bathroom Vanity?

Not with our cabinets! KCD offers ready to assemble cabinets that are easy to install on your own, whether you're a crafty DIYer or carpenter. Our RTA bathroom cabinets come with all of the hardware you need for installation, and our instructions are easy to understand and follow. With KCD cabinets, there is no need to spend any extra time or money on professional help.

Quality Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Are Worth the Investment

Stop neglecting the look of your bathroom! It may seem unnecessary to spend money on cabinets for your bathroom when other parts of your home are more central. However, a modern, newly renovated bathroom still adds resale value to your home. Invest in quality bathroom cabinets at KCD and give your home the bathroom makeover it needs.

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