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Kitchen Cabinet Depot sells high quality cabinets at a fair and competitive price with the full support of their experienced and personable team behind your projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+Q: Are these cabinets CARB2 compliant?
+Q: Are the cabinets in stock?
+Q: Can I get these Ready-To-Assemble Cabinets Unfinished?
+Q: Do you offer finish samples?
+Q: I don't see the size I need. Can these Ready-To-Assemble cabinets be customized?
+Q: Do I need to purchase finished pieces for the sides of the cabinets?
+Q: How do I secure an island cabinet?
+Q: What assembly method will I get?
+Q: What kind of shelves will I get?
+Q: When I order a glass door for an RTA cabinet, do I still get the original door?
+Q. Are the sides of the cabinets flush?
+Q. How much is my shipping cost?
+Q. Can you look at my design from someone else and tell me what to order?
+Q. When will my order ship?
+Q. Can I pick up my order at your factory?
+Q. Are the cabinets finished on the inside?
+Q. How will I know when my order is shipped?
+Q. Are the backs of the cabinets finished?
+Q: Why do some of the boxes my cabinets came in have a different name than the name on my invoice or online?
+Q: What is your door thickness?
+Q: What are your cabinet depths?
+Q: Are these cabinets strong enough to support a granite counter top?
+Q: Are the cabinets pre-drilled for handles or knobs?
+Q: How do I request a return?