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Blue Shaker Cabinets

Are Blue Cabinets really a thing?

Yes! Colorful cabinets are a hot new trend and it doesn’t get hotter than our ocean blue Caspian Shaker. While raised panel kitchen cabinets are more formal, these classic sea blue shaker cabinets are a breath of fresh air. There are many shades of blue but this classic color is tough to beat!

Easy to clean and maintain!

With their clean lines, shaker cabinets are very easy to clean. As with all cabinets spills and splatters should be addressed right away to ensure an easy clean up. If debris is dried on just wipe them down with a mixture of warm water, dish soap and a soft cloth.  Most of us simply wipe down our cabinets with our dishcloth.

Why Kitchen Cabinet Depot For Ready-To-Assemble Cabinets

Whether you're a professional builder or a DIYer, at Kitchen Cabinet Depot we strive to make your life easier from arrival, to assembly, to cabinet installation. While we do primarily feature kitchen cabinets, as our name suggests, we specialize in all cabinets including pantry cabinets, bathroom vanities and more.

We realize that your home is your most important asset and therefore means the world to you. We stand by every cabinet we sell no matter the style, hue, material or any other metric. We're confident that you'll be just as proud of your cabinets as we are.