Distressed Black RTA Cabinets

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  • Wood Species: Birch
  • Furniture Grade Plywood Boxes!
  • Black Paint
  • "Sanded Through" Edges
  • Mitered Full Overlay Raised Panel Wood Doors
  • Mitered Full Overlay Flat Panel Drawer Fronts
  • Drawers - Dovetail Joints
  • Pocket Screw Assembly
  • Exposed Sides Require Panels and/or Decorative End Panels**
  • Natural Finished Interior
  • Wall Cabinets Black Finished Interior
  • 6-Way Adjustable Hinges
  • Under Mount Glides - Soft Close-Full Extension
  • Soft Close Hinges
NOTE: Base Cabinets are 24" deep. Wall cabinets are 12" deep unless otherwise noted.

Onxy Accent Wall Cabinets

Onyx Accent Single Door Wall

Onyx Accent Single Door Wall   Back to top 

Name Price  
Wall 12Wx30H Onyx Accent $152.00
Wall 15Wx30H Onyx Accent $179.00
Wall 18Wx30H Onyx Accent $205.00
Onyx Accent Double Door Wall

Onyx Accent Double Door Wall   Back to top 

Name Price  
Wall 24Wx18H Onyx Accent $169.00
Wall 24Wx30H Onyx Accent $288.00
Wall 30Wx18H Onyx Accent $200.00

Onxy Accent Base Cabinets

Onyx Accent Drawer Base

Onyx Accent Drawer Base   Back to top 

Name Price  
3-Dwr Base 18 Wide Onyx Accent $566.00

Onxy Accent Accessories

Onyx Accent Sample Door

Onyx Accent Sample Door   Back to top 

Name Price  
Sample Door 13x13 Onyx Accent $37.00
Onyx Accent Mullion Doors

Onyx Accent Mullion Doors   Back to top 

Name Price  
Glass Dr for W2430 Onyx Accent Set of 2 $150.00
Glass Dr for W3630 Onyx Accent Set of 2 $213.00
Onyx Accent Touch Up Kit & Template

Onyx Accent Touch Up Kit & Template   Back to top 

Name Price  
Touch-Up Kit Onyx Accent $34.00
Handle and Knob Template - drill bit included $19.98
Onyx Accent Single Desk Drawer

Onyx Accent Single Desk Drawer   Back to top 

Name Price  
Single Desk Drawer 36Wx21D Onyx Accent $177.00

Make your kitchen design timeless with our distressed black RTA cabinets. These ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets give your kitchen a stylish sophistication that is on-trend while making the boldest of statements. They come already looking burnished and worn meaning there's no need for sandpaper. Assembly is quick whether you're a contractor or a DIYer.

These cabinets come in the raised panel variety making them the perfect choice for a more traditional, old-school kitchen. They raise the level of elegance in any kitchen with a more formal look. Molding trim around the edges and the raised panel in the center provide depth and unique lines that few other styles possess. These angles create dramatic shadows around your kitchen, adding intrigue to the traditional tone.

The raised panel style paired with onyx black creates an unmistakably formal and traditional appearance. The regal elegance of black cabinets brings a touch of character while the distressed look presents a lived-in charm that creates a comfortable and inviting warmth. Distressed black kitchen cabinets go well with almost any color scheme, evoke cozy compactness, and are easy to maintain as they don't become dirty easily. Distressed black raised panel cabinets combine a traditional style with a modern look that will add a dramatic presence to your kitchen.

The warm, rich texture of these black raised panel cabinets matches well with pure whites and creates an interesting juxtaposition of old and contemporary themes. Onyx is one of the best colors of distressed cabinets you can have and seamlessly blend the transition between classic and modern. They particularly look good in kitchens with a lot of natural light.