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5 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Bathroom Vanity

Does your bathroom space need an upgrade? Do you need help with storage or feel cramped? Here are five signs you need to upgrade your bathroom vanity.

by KCD Blog • May 18, 2023

Your bathroom should always feel like a place of peace and serenity. But replacement is due when your vanity isn’t fulfilling your needs or style. Here are five signs you need to upgrade your bathroom vanity.

Lacks Personality and Character

If your bathroom space has an outdated vanity, upgrading it to one that matches your style can significantly affect the mood. Consider the style you plan on incorporating in your bathroom and make your new vanity the centerpiece. You can find a new vanity with trendier colors, modern hardware, and materials to make it unique.

Doesn’t Provide Proper Storage

Your bathroom should provide enough storage to store your everyday hygienic products, cleaning supplies, towels, cosmetics, and more. However, if your vanity doesn’t offer storage capabilities, upgrading the cabinetry in your vanity can allow for easy storage and organization. Replacing your current vanity with a new one that has additional storage can help reduce counter clutter and free up floor space.

Has an Unsuitable Size

Living in an older home or residence with size restrictions can hinder your daily routines and how you go about your lifestyle. If your bathroom has a size restriction, upgrading your bathroom vanity can help alleviate cramped spacing and improve tranquility. You can downsize your vanity to a more compact design that doesn’t sacrifice storage capabilities or style.

Lacks Counter Space

If you share your bathroom vanity space with others, it can quickly become crowded and cluttered. Replacing your vanity with a larger top can resolve your clutter problem if you've run out of counter space. Instead of cramming your cosmetics, hygienic products, and other bathroom products onto your countertop, you’ll have more room without fear of losing or knocking things over.

Shows Overall Damage or Wear

A presentable bathroom should feel inviting and serene. However, when you notice your vanity looking lackluster or less presentable than it used to be, it’s time to upgrade your vanity to a new one. If there are signs of cracked tiles, rusty fixtures, water damage, or leaky taps, you can upgrade it to give your bathroom a refreshed appearance.

Our beautiful ready-to-assemble cabinetry at Kitchen Cabinets Depot allows homeowners to DIY their homes to their liking. You can choose from our RTA bathroom vanity styles to match your bathroom’s layout and style perfectly. If you have any questions about our bathroom and kitchen RTA cabinetry, contact our team today.

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