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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Assembling RTA Cabinets

Home renovation requires planning and preparation, especially for tackling cabinetry. Here are common mistakes to avoid for assembling RTA cabinets.

by KCD Blog • May 09, 2023

Renovating your kitchen and bathroom can be a tedious, long-term journey, especially if you don’t plan accordingly. Even more so, when installing new cabinets, you must prepare beforehand. So, here are common mistakes to avoid while assembling and installing RTA cabinets in your home.

Kitchen Layout Neglect

You don’t want to forget about existing design placement when redoing your entire layout. Improper cabinet placement will make a home difficult to sell in the future, but it can also become a significant waste of time and money.

Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to enlist a professional’s help to get the room’s layout down to the finest detail so you don’t make any mistakes when installing your cabinets. It can help you avoid a sloppy, haphazard renovation that you end up regretting.

Incorrect Measuring

The saying, “Measure twice and cut once,” is a common phrase every renovator and DIYer should know. Selecting the right cabinets for your space is critical for a successful remodel. Take time to ensure you have the exact measurements of your space clearly marked on your design and ensure the cabinets selected will fit and fill the space. Once you feel confident, you can place your order for RTA cabinets.

Improper Cabinet Placement

One tip every homeowner should follow for home renovation is to measure their space carefully. More specifically, inaccurate measurements can cause lots of headaches at installation time. So, one common mistake to avoid while building your layout for RTA cabinets is not planning appropriately for your space.

After spending time putting your cabinets together, the last thing you want to see is obvious gaps where they aren’t supposed to be. So, consider the entire project rather than just the cabinets themselves; think of kitchen appliance placement, windows and how to factor in your cabinets for an intuitive kitchen design.

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