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How Many Levelers Do I Need?

Levels are provided as "SETS" (see photo)
Each "SET" is for one cabinets side and includes:

•One front and one rear leveler

•One shorter adjustment rod for the front leveler

•One longer adjustment rod to reach the rear leveler

•All mounting Screws

Note: The short adjustment rod will screw into the front leveler and the longer adjusting rod passes through the front leveler so you can adjust both levelers independently.

Independent cabinets (not attached to other cabinets) will need two sets of levelers.

Cabinet Runs

Several cabinets that are screwed together side by side (cabinet runs) will require two sets for the ends and one set where they join (three sets).

Five cabinets in a row would need (6) sets of levelers.

What Size Do I Need?

Levels are sold in 4 different sizes to accommodate the depths of any cabinet.

•LV-24: (One set of levelers sized for a 24" deep cabinet)

•LV-21: (One set of levelers sized for a 21" deep cabinet)

•LV-18: (One set of levelers sized for a 18" deep cabinet)

•LV-Single (A "Single" leveler sized for any cabinet 15" or less in depth)

Note: Don't include the depth of the recess for the toe kick. This is included in the measurements.
For example: LV-24's are 18" not 24" in length because of the toe-kick recess.

Look at the floor plan for your kitchen layout and add up how many levelers you need.

On your floor plan, note where the levelers will be installed.

Independent base cabinets use two sets of levelers.

Sink Bases:

You should treat sink bases as an independent cabinet so you can adjust it up and over the plumbing independent of the other cabinets and then screw them together.

Cabinet Runs:

Cabinet runs need one set on each end and one set at each seam where the cabinets are screwed together.

You can install the levelers on either side of a seam.
Screw all your cabinet runs together and level them as one piece.

Fillers & Turnings:

3" and 6" fillers and turnings are not very strong at the joint and are not always screwed together in the back.

They are not a cabinet run and should be installed separate from each another with levelers on both sides of the seam.

Always install and level all cabinets before you cut and install fillers.

Side cabinets requires two sets of levelers because they are independent of the others cabinats.

Grouping your arrows on your floor plan helps to identify all the cabinet runs.

When you join cabinets with different depths place the levelers on the deeper side of the seam.
In this example middle cabinet will have two sets of LV-24's and the end cabinets will have LV-21's on them since they are only 21".

A diagonal bases (on the left) require a LV Single unit at the end and will share a standard set at the seam like a normal run.
A trapezoid base (on the right) require the same LV Single on end and a standard at the seam.

Notice that the bottom cabinet run also consists of an LV-Single. (bottom right)


Lazy Susans require two sets of LV 24's. They can share a set at the seams. Mount both sets on the Lazy Susan itself.

This is the one time when which side of a seam you mount the levelers on matters. This gives you more control while leveling this larger corner cabinet.

Blind Bases require two sets of LV 24's. Always level up blind bases first then level the adjacent appliance or cabinet. Otherwise you would not be able to reach the far set of levelers to adjust them.

End Panels: (tall or short)

Most end panels use a standard set of EZ-Levels (left) but some have no toe kick recess (right) and require using two Single levelers facing inward as shown here. Level the panel before you install your appliance or you will not be able to reach the far set of levelers.


LV 7/8 Boring Bit
LV 7/8 Boring Bit LV 7/8 Boring Bit

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Cabinet Super Clamps
Cabinet Super Clamps Super Clamps

Quick Countersink Bit
Quick Countersink Bit Quick Countersink Bit