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Ordering The EZ-Level Cabinet Levelers

EZ-Levels are sold primarily in "SETS" (see photo)

Each "SET" consists of:

(1) "front" and (1) "rear" leveler.
A "short" adjusting rod for the front leveler.
A "long" adjusting" rod to reach the rear leveler.
Mounting Screws

Note: The "Short" adjusting rod screws into the front leveler. The "long" adjusting rod simply passes through the front leveler enabling installers to adjust the BOTH levelers independent of one another ... without crawling under the cabinets.

set of levelers

A single cabinet will need (2) sets.
One on each side of the cabinet.

(Photo to right)

Most kitchens have several cabinet runs (cabinets that are screwed together side by side) which will only require:

(1) set on each end and (1) set at each "seam". (where two cabinets join together)

Therefore: If you have 2 cabinets side by side you will need (3) sets.
(Photo to right)

Footnote: Five cabinets side by side would need (6) sets and so on.

EZ-Levels are sold in 4 different sizes to accommodate the depths of any cabinet.

EZ-24 One set of levelers for a 24" deep cabinet (Overall length of levelers = 18")

EZ-21 One set of levelers for a 21" deep cabinet (Overall length of levelers = 15")

EZ-18 One set of levelers for a 18" deep cabinet (Overall length of levelers = 12")

EZ-Single A "Single" leveler for any cabinet 15" or less in depth (Overall length of leveler = 3")

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