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6 Transformative Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Your Home

by KCD Blog • February 15, 2023

When renovating your kitchen, making the smallest changes can end with beautiful results. Here are six transformative kitchen cabinet ideas you can make in your home.

Choose an Eye-Catching Stain

When giving kitchen cabinets a new look, staining the wood can improve its appearance. However, your stain should be compatible with the finish you’ll apply.

When you apply a wood stain, most colors dry a shade or two darker than you see. So, depending on the length of time you let the stain penetrate the wood, you can control the color of the stain.

Select a Unique Cabinet Frame

A kitchen cabinet frame can completely transform your home’s look from traditional to stylish. There are two common types of kitchen cabinet frames: frameless and face-frames. These frames are an integral part of a cabinet’s support, allowing for doors and drawers to become flush, partially inset, or overlap.

Face-frame cabinets offer a traditional design and structural stability. The exterior hinges expose the frame’s edges around doors and drawers, referred to as a “reveal.” Frameless cabinets are often considered “European style” and are associated with more contemporary designs. Doors hinge directly to the side of the kitchen cabinet box, overlaying the edges.

Change the Cabinet Hardware

Did you know that changing the hardware for your kitchen cabinets can improve your kitchen’s aesthetics? Hardware such as pulls, drawer slides, hinges, and other specialized accessory hardware can significantly affect your kitchen’s look and feel. For example, replacing your brass or nickel hardware with stainless steel or copper can change the feel of your kitchen cabinets.

Browse Different Cabinet Styles

If you have frameless or face-frame constructions, the style of cabinet you choose can improve the visual appeal of your kitchen. Different cabinet styles include simple, carved, molded, and styles made with glass inserts.

Choosing your kitchen cabinet style doesn’t stop at the base, wall, pantry, or appliance cabinets. It’s also crucial to consider matching panels for appliances, range hoods, open shelving, glass door fronts, and more.

Research Cabinet Wood Species

While most kitchen cabinets derive from wood, there are many wood species to consider to transform your kitchen cabinets. Depending on your kitchen’s natural environment, temperature, and humidity, choosing a wood species that best suits it is a good idea.

Many wood species exist, including cherry, ash, pine, hickory, rift oak, maple, and more. Unfortunately, more exotic wood species, such as wormy chestnuts and cypress, only have regional access, so only a few kitchen cabinet manufacturers can obtain them.

Decorate Your Old Cabinets

Instead of replacing your cabinets entirely, why not refresh them instead? One way to go green is by repainting, staining, glazing, and varnishing your existing cabinets for a unique, artistic kitchen feel.

Acrylic paints, oil paints, latex-based paints, and acrylic glazing mediums are a few different artistic tools that can change the aesthetic of your kitchen cabinets. However, take the time to review general tools and basic techniques, and prep your cabinets before their makeover.

We at Kitchen Cabinets Depot share a passion for the cabinet industry, backed by profound experience and accurate knowledge of cabinet construction, installation, and refacing techniques. Our ready-to-assemble cabinets offer homeowners an effortless option for renovating their kitchen cabinets. Ask about our cabinets today.

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