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What To Do With Corner Cabinets: Maximizing Kitchen Space

by Gary Wade • July 02, 2024

Corner cabinets, those critical elements of kitchen design, often end up as underused spaces. With their awkward shape and accessibility challenges, these kitchen corner cabinets are notoriously known for being the least efficient parts of the kitchen, frequently turning into the resting place for unused gadgets and expired goods. However, recognizing corner cabinets as specialized storage units designed to fit snugly into the kitchen's corner where two walls converge, highlights their potential in maximizing space utilization in areas that might otherwise go unused.

The remedy lies in employing innovative solutions like Lazy Susans, corner drawers, pull-out shelves, and more, to transform these underutilized nooks into highly functional storage areas. By optimizing corner kitchens with lazy susan or integrating versatile storage solutions, these corner cabinets can be redesigned to not only enhance kitchen functionality but also its overall aesthetic. Optimizing corners with custom pantry solutions or integrating appliances into corner cabinets further exemplifies the balance between form and function, turning potential wasted spaces into valuable assets of the kitchen landscape.

Corner Kitchen Cabinets

Understanding Corner Cabinets

In the realm of kitchen design, corner cabinets serve as pivotal elements for optimizing space and enhancing functionality. Ikea, a leader in home furnishings, offers six distinct ways to design a base corner for kitchen cabinets, each tailored to accommodate different storage needs and kitchen layouts. Let's explore these innovative solutions:

  1. Corner Base Cabinet with Lazy Susan: 

The quintessential solution for corner storage, this method incorporates a rotating shelf mechanism, providing easy access to items stored in the back of the cabinet. It stands as the most straightforward and widely adopted approach

2. Blind Corner Base Cabinet:    

Available in various sizes and configurations, these cabinets can be outfitted with pullouts or shelves to make the corner storage more accessible. This versatility allows for a customized fit to the homeowner's storage requirements.

3. Specialized Corner Cabinet Solutions:

Blind Corner – Lemans Units: These modern cabinets are designed to maximize space with a sleek, contemporary aesthetic.
Base Blind Corner with Full Access Trays: Featuring non-slip, maple-printed trays with chrome rails, these cabinets provide ample storage space.
Counter Wall with Door Garage: Offering concealed storage, this design includes spinning trays and a hinged garage for kitchen accessories.
Down The Countertops: A wall-mounted cabinetry solution that extends down to the countertop, offering additional storage at the expense of some counter space.
BCC (Base Corner Corner): This design utilizes a bifold door with a knuckle hinge, allowing for doors that swing open and lay flat against the cabinet, paired with adjustable shelves.
Base Blind Corner (BBC): Featuring a single door or a door and drawer configuration, this design includes an adjustable shelf suitable for heavy items, with a blind panel finished to match the cabinet door.

Corner cabinets, essential for a well-organized kitchen, cater to a variety of storage needs. From storing dry goods and canned items to housing electric mixers, pots, and pans, these cabinets are versatile. They can also serve as an extension of the pantry for dry storage or as a designated area for equipment storage in lower cabinets. Enhancements like Lazy Susans and strategically placed shelves further improve accessibility and organization, making corner cabinets an invaluable asset in maximizing kitchen space.

Brown Corner Kitchen Cabinets

Maximizing Space with Lazy Susans

Maximizing space in corner cabinets can often seem like a puzzle, but with the ingenious use of Lazy Susans, every inch of your corner cabinet can become easily accessible and fully utilized. Lazy Susans are turntable shelves that fit perfectly into the awkward angles of corner cabinets, spinning to bring items from the back to the front with just a light push. This is particularly beneficial for storing everyday items like spices, dry ingredients, or smaller appliances that you need to reach without the hassle.

Organizational Tips for Lazy Susan Cabinets:

  • Categorize Items:
    • First Bin: Overflow spices, including those that don't fit in the spice drawer.
    • Second Shelf: Baking supplies and frequently used items.
    • Middle Section: Tall items like oil and vinegar bottles.
    • Lower Section: Bulkier items such as juice boxes or large containers.
  • Optimize with Accessories:
    • Use non-stick pan towers to stack pans without causing damage.
    • Implement frying pan racks to organize pans neatly, fitting up to 4 pans per rack.
    • Nest stainless steel pots and colanders from smallest to largest for a tidy arrangement.
    • For pot lids, turn them around so the knob or handle fits inside the pan, saving space.
  • Custom Solutions for Enhanced Functionality:
    • Attach two Dollar Tree butter dishes with 3M command strips on the cabinet door for spice organization.
    • Consider a homemade Lazy Susan built from cake pans and marbles for a cost-effective storage solution.
    • Utilize a tiered Lazy Susan for especially deep cabinets, making every item easily reachable.

Lazy Susan cabinets come in various shapes such as full-circle, kidney, or D-shaped, catering to the specific configuration of your kitchen layout. They ensure that even the furthest corners of the cabinet are utilized, making them a versatile solution for any kitchen. Whether you're dealing with a blind corner cabinet or simply looking to enhance the functionality of your corner storage, incorporating a Lazy Susan can transform your kitchen organization and ease of access.

Kitchen Corner Cabinets

Innovative Corner Drawer Solutions

Innovative corner drawer solutions have revolutionized the way corner cabinets are utilized, making them more accessible and functional. One of the standout options includes:

  • Angled Drawer Cabinets: These are designed with an angled or slanted pullout mechanism, allowing for easy compartmentalization within your corner cabinets. The unique design saves space while providing an efficient storage solution.

For those looking for a more straightforward approach, the following options are noteworthy:

  • Pullout Cabinet Drawers: These drawers extend fully, offering excellent storage space and adding a unique feature to kitchen cabinetry. They're perfect for storing a wide range of items, from utensils to small appliances.
  • Base Corner Drawer Cabinet: This design features three drawers that pull out from the corner, offering ease of use and accessibility. It's an ergonomic solution that maximizes storage capacity, making it ideal for kitchens of any size.

Moreover, for homeowners interested in DIY or custom solutions, consider these innovative ideas:

  • Narrow Spice Pullout Drawer: Perfect for spice storage, these can be built with wiring or thin wooden borders on either side for easy identification and access.
  • Custom Pantry Solutions: Incorporate hidden storage solutions such as sliding doors or pull-out drawers into your corner cabinets. This not only keeps cooking essentials organized and accessible but also hidden away for a clean, clutter-free look.

Corner drawers, with their 3-drawer configuration, offer an innovative and ergonomic experience. They're great for aging in place, providing easy accessibility and high storage capacity. By utilizing corner space effectively, these drawers ensure that every inch of your kitchen is put to good use, eliminating dead spaces and enhancing overall organization.

Corner Cabinets in Kitchen

The Magic of Pull-Out Shelving

Kitchen Cabinet Depot’s shelving options are transforming the way homeowners think about corner cabinet storage, offering a seamless blend of functionality and design. These solutions are specifically tailored to enhance the usability and accessibility of both upper and lower corner cabinets, presenting a variety of options such as:

  • Blind Corner Cabinet Solution: A sophisticated system that maximizes the use of corner spaces, making previously hard-to-reach areas fully accessible.
  • Lazy Susans: A classic solution reimagined with quality and durability for effortless rotation and access.

Pull-out shelving systems, including the innovative Magic Corner Pull Out and Base Blind Corner with Pull-Out Storage, are revolutionizing kitchen storage. These systems offer:

  • Corner Pull Out: A contemporary solution that merges the adaptability of Corner units with the convenience of pull-out shelves, designed for both aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  • Base Blind Corner with Pull-Out Storage: Features kidney-shaped swing-out shelves capable of holding up to 55 pounds each, ensuring even heavy items can be stored and accessed with ease.

The impact of integrating pull-out shelving into your kitchen extends beyond simple storage solutions. These systems address common challenges faced with traditional cabinetry by:

  • Enhancing Accessibility: By utilizing the full depth of cabinets and making items at the back easily reachable, pull-out shelves save time and reduce the effort needed when retrieving items.
  • Improving Organization and Safety: Each item has a designated space, which not only prevents stacking or cramming but also enhances visibility to avoid buying duplicates. The smooth gliding mechanisms of pull-out shelves also minimize the risk of accidents, making your kitchen a safer environment.
  • Design and Customization: Available in various styles, sizes, and designs, pull-out shelves can be easily installed and customized to fit any kitchen's aesthetic, adding a modern touch that can be concealed when not in use.

Incorporating pull-out shelving into corner cabinets effectively utilizes every inch of available space, transforming previously underused areas into well-organized, easily accessible storage solutions. This not only increases the functionality of your kitchen but also contributes to a cleaner, more orderly cooking environment.

Corner Kitchen Cabinets in Condo

Diagonal Cabinet Doors for Easy Access

Diagonal cabinet doors offer a unique solution to maximizing kitchen corner space efficiently and aesthetically. These cabinets are designed with a diagonal transition that fits snugly into the corner, ensuring no space is wasted. The layout of diagonal corner cabinets includes:

  • Accordion Cabinet Doors: These doors fold open in sections, allowing for deep storage and easy access. They're particularly suitable for larger kitchen appliances and utensils, making them a versatile addition to any kitchen.
  • Wall Diagonal Corner Cabinets: These cabinets fill in the corner space while providing a smooth diagonal transition for the cabinetry run’s face. This design is not only practical but also adds a visually appealing element to the kitchen.
  • Curved Wall and Kitchen Base Cabinets: Serving as a high-end alternative to dark blind corners, these cabinets mimic the functionality of diagonal cabinets but with a curved design. They blend seamlessly into the kitchen's layout while maximizing corner space.

Diagonal cabinets are not just about functionality; they also offer opportunities for aesthetic enhancement. For instance:

  • Glass Door Diagonal Cabinets: Adding a glass door to a diagonal cabinet can transform it into a display space for attractive kitchenware like pitchers or ceramic bowls. This feature combines storage with decoration, enriching the kitchen's overall appearance.
  • Custom-Designed Diagonal Cabinets: Tailored to fit specific kitchen layouts, these cabinets minimize dead space and provide a unique diagonal orientation to the doors. They can be customized to reach from the floor to the ceiling, offering additional storage solutions such as drawers and cubbies for microwaves, small TVs, and cookbooks.

To ensure optimal access and functionality, diagonal cabinets can incorporate features like:

  • Double Doors: With both sides capable of opening, these doors offer better access to the cabinet's interior. It's crucial to ensure that the cabinet doors are wider and that the door hinges can open 180 degrees.

Diagonal corner cabinets are not just a practical solution for corner space utilization; they also bring a touch of elegance and innovation to kitchen design. By incorporating these cabinets, homeowners can enjoy enhanced accessibility, maximized space, and an aesthetically pleasing kitchen environment.

Corner Cabinets - Cream

Optimizing Corners with Custom Pantry Solutions

Optimizing corners with custom pantry solutions involves creative and practical designs to transform awkward kitchen spaces into highly functional storage areas. Here are innovative ways to achieve this:

  • Custom Design and Installation:
    • Tall Swing Out Pantry Cabinet: Offered by Decora Cabinetry, features door-mounted racks, swing outs, and over ten adjustable shelves, enhancing storage space and flexibility.
    • Tall Corner Cabinets: Utilize vertical space, ideal for kitchens with high ceilings, providing ample storage for pantry items and tall containers.
  • Functional Additions for Organization:
    • Plate and Utensil Slots: Custom slots make it easier to store and access dishes and utensils.
    • Built-in Wine Displays: Add a decorative touch while utilizing corner cabinets for wine storage.
    • Pegboards for Pots and Pans: Facilitate easy storage and access, saving valuable shelf space.
    • Woven Bins and Modular Shelving: Ideal for sorting canned foods or storing grab-and-go items, these solutions transform unused corners into practical storage spaces.
  • Aesthetic and Practical Features:
    • Cookbook Wall: Displays cookbooks neatly, making them easily accessible while cooking.
    • Floating Storage Cabinet: Can be disguised to hide spices and cooking essentials, adding to the kitchen's aesthetic appeal.
    • Backsplash in Open Corner Pantry: Serves both functional and decorative purposes, enhancing the kitchen's overall look.

Custom pantry solutions, tailored to specific needs and spaces, not only maximize storage capacity but also ensure items are easily accessible and visible, reducing food waste. From durable materials like stainless steel to innovative designs like the cookbook wall, these solutions cater to both the functionality and aesthetics of modern kitchens. Custom pantry designers, such as Kitchen Cabinet Depot, work closely with homeowners to understand their unique needs, offering personalized designs that transform cluttered spaces into well-organized, efficient areas.

White Corner Kitchen Cabinets

The Versatility of Swinging Pullout Cabinets

Swinging pullout cabinets introduce an element of surprise and functionality to the kitchen, seamlessly blending into the overall design while offering specialized storage solutions. These cabinets are particularly adept at maximizing the use of corner cabinet space, which is often underutilized due to its hard-to-reach areas. Here are some of the key features and benefits of incorporating swinging pullout cabinets into your kitchen design:

  • Specialized Functions:
    • Coffee Station Storage: Perfect for housing your coffee maker, grinder, and all coffee accessories, keeping your countertops clutter-free.
    • Bulky Item Storage: Ideal for pots, pans, and large kitchen gadgets, making them easily accessible without the need to bend or reach awkwardly.
  • Types of Swinging Pullout Cabinets:
    • Corner Cabinets: Utilize a clever mechanism that allows the inner shelves to swing outward, bringing the contents into full view and reach.
    • Swing-Out Corner Cabinets: Feature shelves that swing outward upon opening the cabinet door, providing easy access to stored items.

These innovative cabinet solutions not only optimize corner spaces but also enhance the functionality and accessibility of your kitchen storage. By incorporating swinging pullout cabinets, homeowners can enjoy a more organized and efficient kitchen space, where every item has its place and is easily accessible. Whether you're looking to create a dedicated area for your morning coffee routine or need a better solution for storing bulky kitchenware, swinging pullout cabinets offer a versatile and practical solution.

Natural Wood Corner Cabinets

Creating a Statement with Decorative Shelves

Creating a statement with decorative shelves in your kitchen corner cabinets not only maximizes space but also adds a personal touch to your kitchen's overall design. Here are some innovative and stylish ways to achieve that:

  • DIY Wine Display:
    • Measure your corner space accurately.
    • Build a criss-cross wooden wine rack to fit those measurements.
    • This project can be a fun weekend activity, resulting in a functional and visually appealing display.
  • Trendy Open Shelf Ideas:
    • Farmhouse Kitchen Open Shelves: Pairs of open shelves have been popular, but the trend is shifting towards a single open shelf with a beautiful peg rack or a single open shelf below upper cabinets.
    • Functional and Decorative Items: Fill the open shelves with items you use regularly. This includes plates, bowls, glasses, and both functional or vintage decorative pieces.
    • Color Scheme: Stick to 3-4 colors for a cohesive look. Add pops of color with changing seasons or mood.
    • Item Placement: Put everyday items in easy-to-reach locations before adding decorative or pretty items. Add favorite collections and vintage decorative pieces that you want to display.
    • Added Charm: Include artwork, edible or green items, and under-shelf hooks or pegs for added charm and character.
  • Styling Tips for Dynamic Displays:
    • Varying Heights: Varying the height of items on the shelves or cabinet creates a more dynamic display. Group items in odd numbers for a more organic feel.
    • Focal Items: Choose one or two focal items and disperse them throughout the shelves, accompanied by less visually important items like books or translucent pieces.
    • Books for Heights: Utilize books to create varying heights and place other items on top of them.
    • Personal Touch: Inject personality into the space by including items that reflect your taste and make you happy when you see them.
    • Textures and Greens: Introducing new textures like glass, papier-mâché, or ceramic can add visual interest. Artificial greens can be used to soften the space.
    • Toby Mugs: Toby mugs, which can range in value from $15 to hundreds of dollars, can be a great addition to the display.

Through these methods, corner cabinets and shelves can transform from overlooked spaces to eye-catching features that reflect personal style and creativity. By incorporating these design tips, your kitchen can become a space that is not only functional but also uniquely yours.

Slate Gray Corner Cabinets

Integrating Appliances into Corner Cabinets

Integrating appliances into corner cabinets not only streamlines the kitchen's functionality but also enhances its aesthetic appeal. Here's how to seamlessly blend appliances into your kitchen design, making every inch count:

  • Hidden Trash Disposal:
    • Location: Designate a corner cabinet specifically for trash, recycling, and compost.
    • Benefits: Keeps waste bins out of sight while making them easily accessible during food prep and cleanup.
  • Corner Sinks:
    • Advantages: Utilize dead space efficiently, providing ample counter space behind for soaps and dishwashing tools.
    • Design Tip: Pair with a custom backsplash and under-cabinet lighting for a functional yet stylish corner.
  • Glass Corner Display Cabinets:
    • Ideal For: Traditional and farmhouse kitchens.
    • Uses: Perfect for showcasing dishes, mugs, or recipe books, adding a touch of elegance.
  • Garage Cabinet Doors:
    • Solution for: Smaller kitchens, avoiding pullout drawers.
    • Visual Appeal: Creates visually clean accents, enhancing minimalistic designs.
  • Open Corner Shelving:
    • Suitability: Rustic kitchens.
    • Display Options: Show off eclectic kitchen tools, utensils, and even plants for a personalized touch.
  • Built-in Appliance Garages:
    • Function: Transform kitchen corners into compact storage for small appliances like toasters and blenders.
    • Advantages: Declutters countertops, boosting kitchen efficiency and creating a neater appearance.
  • Integrating Major Appliances:
    • Panels: Use matching panels for counter-depth refrigerators and dishwashers to blend them into cabinetry.
    • Cooktops: Opt for induction models with digital controls for a less prominent, sleek look.
    • Sinks: Choose undermount or integrated solid surface sinks for a seamless counter transition.
    • Electrical Outlets: Minimize visibility by matching the material or wall color, or by grouping switches and outlets together.
  • Specialized Storage Solutions:
    • Appliance Garages: Consider door designs that open top-down or lift up, creating a flat surface for placing items.
    • Microwave Placement: Ensure a convenient spot with a counter below for hot food, and an electrical outlet in the back of the cabinet.
    • Roll-up Doors: Save space and are ideal for bulky appliances, eliminating the need to lift them out and put them away each time.

Innovative storage solutions like two-tiered slide-out shelving with built-in guard rails maximize the use of corner cabinet space for large pots and cookware. Additionally, adding lighting to the interior of glass-front cabinetry can shift focus away from awkward spaces and highlight favorite collections, creating a well-organized, neat, and modern interior design.

Bright White Corner Cabinets

Corner Cabinet Thoughts

Throughout this exploration of corner cabinets, we've unveiled their undeniable potential to revolutionize kitchen space utilization. From Lazy Susans, ingenious drawer solutions, to swing-out cabinets and decorative shelves, these innovations not only maximize the awkward nooks of our kitchens but also enhance functionality and aesthetics. By rethinking the way we use corner spaces, we can transform these underutilized areas into some of the most efficient and visually appealing aspects of our kitchens, proving that with the right design, even the most challenging spaces can be made beautifully functional.

As we consider the myriad ways to reinvent these crucial kitchen spaces, the importance of custom solutions tailored to unique needs and spaces cannot be overstated. Each kitchen presents its own set of design challenges and opportunities, emphasizing the value of personalized approaches in creating a space that is not only highly organized but also a joy to use. Ready to design a corner solution for your kitchen? Get in touch with us. We love design challenges and maximizing space and utility in the kitchen, ensuring that every corner not only serves a purpose but does so with style and elegance.

Corner Kitchen Cabinets - Black and White


How can I optimize the use of corner kitchen cabinets?

To efficiently utilize corner cabinets in your kitchen, here are some strategies:

  • Avoid packing them too full to maintain accessibility.
  • Designate them as a storage area for appliances to clear up counter space.
  • Store bulky items or reserve the space for lightweight items to prevent strain.
  • Install sliding or pull-out shelves for easier access.
  • Use stackable bins for organizing food items.
  • Enhance functionality with Lazy Susans for easy reach.
  • Employ space-saving organizers to make the most out of the available space.

What are some creative ways to utilize corner space in a kitchen?

For an affordable and stylish solution to fill corner spaces in a kitchen, consider installing open or floating shelves. You can decorate these shelves with houseplants, cookbooks, decorative bowls, cookie jars, or exquisite crockery pieces, transforming a potentially unused space into an attractive display area.

What are the best options for corner cabinets?

Choosing the best option for corner cabinets depends on your specific needs and kitchen usage. For storage purposes, lazy susan shelves and angled cabinets are highly recommended. If you're aiming to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen or introduce a unique element, consider options like swinging pullouts, glass displays, or custom doors to elevate your kitchen's design.

Do corner pantries require more space than other pantry types?

Yes, corner pantries demand a significant amount of space. The interior space of a built-in corner pantry usually measures around 48 inches, excluding the space taken by framing and drywall. However, not all of this space is usable due to the need to leave room for a person to enter, resulting in a substantial loss of potential countertop space for food preparation and other activities.

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